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The Thatched Tavern Maidencombe

Response to Question 2

In the last two years (and after a devastating fire) we created a high-quality dining experience for locals and tourists alike. Our offer features fresh, locally sourced produce, in a transformed environment of sumptuously appointed furnishings and fittings and finished with scrupulous attention to every detail. Here’s five ways we improved our business:

We are kitchen-led

When the kitchen fire struck the day after contract exchange, our first priority was to make safe. And through the ashes, we could see there was an opportunity to create something truly special and bespoke to our needs. We are always moving forward and looking for opportunities to innovate and attract customers, updating our menus in partnership with suppliers as seasons evolve. Our award-winning chef has full oversight of all equipment, supply, training and quality.

Attracting tourists

We attract tourists from Scotland, Wales, and abroad, and all over the UK. There are a number of hotels including the Orestone Manor, guesthouses and AirBnB’s nearby. We’ve started to see tourists come in midweek for a meal and then come back again on a Friday or Saturday as well – so we are a big hit with people visiting the area.

A quick scan of Trip Advisor shows reviews from users in Rotherham, Surrey, Cambridge – and also Saudi Arabia and Greece! We are looking forward to more travel opening up in the coming months so we can welcome even more.

Community matters

Local customers are important to our business over the quiet periods, outside of tourist seasons. It’s great to have a buzzing community of welcoming locals enjoying a drink in the bar and dining on a fantastic fresh meal in the restaurant. Our formula of fresh, locally sourced food and drink, comfortable spaces for every occasion, stunning views and a great location mean that we can trade successfully. That means a lot in this tough trading environment, with pressures of staffing, and Covid restrictions, and puts firmly behind us the fire that occurred on Day One.

Meaningful relationships, built to last.

Our ties with local suppliers are solid, and everyone from our bar staff to Our ties with local suppliers are solid, and everyone from our bar staff to kitchen staff to the owners collaborate, and importantly, listen to suppliers.

We work together to continually refine and curate our menus, offering the ultimate Devon country pub experience. We are always meeting with our suppliers to understand, learn, and improve the offer to our customers and visitors. When we do well, our suppliers do well – and that’s great for Devon.

A comfortable, consistent pub and dining experience

Working with local designers, we commissioned all building works, signage, branding, menus and our website from the same source. This offers a uniquely consistent customer journey, from first exploring the website, through the completely redesigned and refurbished premises – even the wallpaper is handmade by the same designer that crafted the menu. It’s a cohesive approach that is comfortable and reassuring for customers, made bespoke for The Thatched Tavern and no one else.

The Thatched Tavern Maidencombe


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