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The Thatched Tavern Maidencombe

Response to Question 4

We are confident in this pub, and continue to improve our spaces and food offering. Over the next year, we will continue to invest in better ways of working efficiently, and in partnership with our suppliers.

Attracting tourists

Tourism will be a big focus next year, as we may face the challenge of competing with locations abroad. We’re confident that fresh Devon produce is the best in the country, and we want to share that through promotions and social media to attract new customers to the area.


We want to continue to learn and grow alongside our suppliers, with a deeper understanding of what makes them unique to Devon, so we can communicate that to our customers through beautiful locally sourced food and drink offers.

Continuous improvement

The same attention to detail that has created this stunning pub will be applied to improving it. Specifically, we will be improving car parking accessibility for all by re-paving, and trimming back the Maidencombe beach car park, with improved public conveniences and signage. Looking back at what we offer, how we offer it, and taking on board all our customer feedback, we will see if there’s anything we can improve upon, and will continue to do that year on year. It’s that willingness to learn, to take on board feedback, and to pivot and adapt that has seen us through these difficult two years. But our attention to detail has never diminished.

We continue to see this pub through fresh eyes, listening to, and learning from those around us to create the ultimate Devon country pub experience.


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